Advanced Medical Balloons

#rethinking critical care

We know that it can be better!

That's why we are rethinking catheter technology for critical care.

Catheter systems and catheter technology for intensive care

Advanced Medical Balloons (AMB) combines intelligent design with the exceptionally elastic properties of polyurethane. This results in flexible, maximally dense catheters that enable novel, therapeutically oriented applications and significantly improve the work in intensive care units.

Founded in 2009, AMB has become a leader in catheter technology, supplying intensive care units across Europe.

AMB is a highly innovative medical technology specialist company. At our production site in Waghäusel, Germany, we develop and market catheter technology based on microscopically thin, complex-shaped balloon films made of polyurethane (PUR). Our current focus is on drainage technology for stool management in intensive care patients, which opens up new preventive medical and therapeutic possibilities.

To live up to our claim of developing user-oriented products for maximum patient safety, we focus on quality along the entire value chain.





"We are setting new standards in catheter performance with membranous, complex-shaped balloon components made of polyurethane."

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