hygh-tec® basic-plus

For continuous stool removal up to 30 days

hygh-tec® basic-plus was developed for user-determined stool evacuation for up to 30 days. The system has an outstandingly efficient transanal sealing mechanism and allows continuous access to the patient's colon.

hygh-tec® basic-plus is the first of three fecal management catheter products and is already established among innovative users. Two follow-up products are currently in development.

hygh-tec systems cover all requirements of modern fecal management, from interventional access over 24 hours to initial emptying of the colon, followed by continuous stool removal.

While conventional stool draining systems have an anchoring but no sealing design, sealing is the decisive structural and functional feature of all hygh-tec fecal care products.

How does hygh‑tec® basic‑plus work?

  • Transanal sealing mechanics

    • dumbbell-shaped drainage head
    • micro-thin balloon body made of polyurethane (PUR)
    • extends from the rectum through the anal canal
    • tensionless flaccid filling of the balloon with air
    • follows the movements of the sphincter and the patient
  • Intelligent synchronisation with the sphincter muscle

    • absorbs the current force in the rectum (A) and uses it synchronously to seal the sphincter (B)
    • adapts to the current pressure situation in the rectum and abdomen
    • reliable transanal seal even with watery thin stools
    • transanal sealing even in vigilant and mobilised patients
  • Elastically deformable, self-righting sheepskin hose

    • follows the respective position of the anal sphincter (C)
    • folds radially into the anal canal when sphincter tone is normal
    • straightens into the anal canal when the sphincter tone decreases
    • supports the free flow of stool

hygh-tec® basic-plus

hygh-tec® basic-plus includes:

  • 1 stool drainage system
  • Filling syringe with volume indication
  • Stool collection bag
  • Instructions for use


  • hygh-tec® basic-plus is used for the continuous, transanal discharge of flowable or liquid stool, up to 30 days.

Article numbers

  • V01-10017 | hygh‑tec® basic‑plus
    (stool drainage system, 1 bag)

  • V01-10023 | hygh‑tec® basic‑plus 3 bags (stool drainage system, 3 bags)

  • V01-10016-05 | hygh‑tec® bag
    (stool collection system, 5 bags)

  • V01-10016-10 | hygh‑tec® bag
    (stool collection system, 10 bags)

hygh-tec products in development

  • hygh-tec® lavage
    • combines the initial, lavage-like emptying of the colon, with a continuous stool discharge following the lavage, for up to 30 days

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Frank Gehres (CEO, Managing Director)
+49 (0)7254 40397-20

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