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hygh-tec develops problem-solving catheter technology for all essential requirements of intensive care therapy. hygh-tec groups efficient individual solutions into novel, synergistically effective therapy concepts.

hygh-tec enables reliably tight access to the patient's colon. By adapting the respective stool modification, stools can be permanently flowable and thus drained without leakage over longer periods of time. Continuous stool drainage thus becomes an important therapeutic contribution within the framework of a superordinate treatment problem, such as the care of skin defects close to the anus, the care of minimal handling patients and the regulation of bowel function.

The hygh-tec catheter technologies

hygh-tec® basic-plus

  • enables leakage-free, continuous discharge of liquid and flowable stools, for up to 30 days
  • makes flowable, continuously draining stool available as a component of higher-level therapy

hygh-tec® lavage

  • enables the initial, lavage-like emptying of the colon, with subsequent, long-term stool drainage

hygh-tec® access

  • allows short-term interventional access to the patient's colon, up to 24 hours
  • enables high-volume colorectal lavage
  • enables high-volume washing of topically active substances into the patient's colon

In development: hygh-tec optimises atraumatic, transurethral urine drainage and thus prevents the development of chronic urinary tract infections. hygh-tec also combines novel material technology with fundamentally new design in the "urinary" area.

In development: hygh-tec balloon technology enables dynamic adaptive sealing of the trachea for the first time, from breath to breath.

hygh-tec equips nasogastric tubes with oesophageal sealing balloon components and thus separates the digestive tract from the respiratory tract. hygh-tec thus opens up the pharynx as a space for measures to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia.

"We had to learn to live with inadequate catheter performance.
It is hygh-tec's goal to change that."


Frank Gehres (CEO, Managing Director) and Dr. Ramona König (COO)


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