#rethinking critical care

The catheter innovation for maximum tightness

hygh-tec develops unique, modularly designed catheter technology for intensive care therapy

hygh-tec combines intelligent design with the exceptionally elastic properties of polyurethane. In fecal management, this catheter technology thus offers a uniquely tight access to the patient's colon. This opens up new therapeutically oriented applications. In addition to contamination-free stool drainage, the trans-anal sealing mechanism of hygh-tec also enables an interventional, lavage-like delivery of substances into the colon.

#rethinking critical care

"We had to learn to live with inadequate catheter performance.
It is hygh-tec's goal to change that."

Frank Gehres (CEO, Managing Director) and Dr. Ramona König (COO)

Voices from the field

  • »The only drainage that works.«

    Sandy Richter, Ward management,
    Intensive care unit for severely burned patients,
    Munich Clinic Bogenhausen

  • »Patients who are awake during early mobilisation confirm the pleasant Wearable.«

    Jürgen Noé, ITS management,
    Pneumological intensive care unit,
    Saarland University Hospital (UKS), Homburg

  • »We had a system without stool leakage for the first time.«

    Wolfram Popp, Ward management,
    Intensive care unit 123 with burns centre,
    BG-Accident Clinic Murnau

  • »So that wound management in the area of the os sacrum also works with thin stool.«

    Sebastian Kruschwitz, Head of department wound management
    Centre for Ventilation and Intensive Care, Berlin

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